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Pioneer Roofing prides itself in having developed a reputation for honesty, quality, integrity, and commitment. We will provide you with a roofing system that exceeds the Florida Building Code requirements. The roofing system will be designed specifically for your project.

Thank you for helping me get a new roof. I believe we can rest in peace, knowing it is done right ---- I’m happy that I don’t have this problem hanging over my head.

Right from the start, David was attentive and kind, and I would tell others to go with Pioneer Roofing! Thanks for everything, we are very happy!


Dir Sir,

I would like to compliment your staff and crews that did the tough work. I have the greatest confidence that this is the last roof I will need and am pleased it was done properly.

David L

I wanted to express my sincere appreciation on a job well done by you and your team at Pioneer Roofing. When my wife and I decided it was finally time to re-do our roof (complete re-roof), we had no idea where to go or which vendor to invest our money with. After being burned once before by a local roofing vendor 2 years ago we were very hesitant to move forward without doing our homework.

This time when we asked around for vendor referrals we went through reputable Relators as well as some close friends in the area to ensure our decision was the right one. Thankfully each time we asked, Pioneer Roofing was the name we were told. It turned out to be a great recommendation and excellent decision on our part.

Your team led by Mike was exceptional and beyond professional. Mike was in regular contact with me every step of the way outlining the work schedule and job specifics ahead of time so there were no surprises. Both you and Mike explained things to me in laymen’s terms and treated me as if you were making the recommendations for a family member. You had our best financial and insurance interests in mind not to mention the quality and long-term security with peace of mind too.

We would whole heartedly recommend Pioneer Roofing to any of our South Florida family, friends, and neighbors who were in need of any roofing expertise. Thank you again for the professionalism and exceptional end-result.

Stu Rosenthal

I am in receipt of your correspondence dated October 30, 2008, wherein you advised me of your swift action in repairing our roof. On behalf of my family and myself, I wanted to thank you for your professionalism and dedication to our family and community, for the good services you took on behalf of my wife’s request to investigate our most recent roof leak. Not lost on me is that you not only investigated the problem, took remedial action and then wrote to let us know what was done and let us know THERE WAS NO CHARGE FOR THE SERVICE!

Given the economy, the deductibles and other factors homeowners must deal with; for you and your firm to respond so quickly and with the dedication and understanding how important it is keep our homes in good repair and safe, and to not hassle us over charges, much less absorb the cost even though you acknowledged it was not your responsibility to do so, speaks to your character and commitment to the families you have helped keep safe and dry, and we are truly grateful. My wife has a standing offer to you and yours to come over and join us for dinner anytime, I cannot vouch for my wife’s cooking, but I know you will be safe and welcomed under our roof anytime. Thank you.

Very Grateful,
Brian S. Goldwyn, Esq.
Coconut Creek, Florida

Please let me take the opportunity to tell you how wonderful it was doing business with you. I called your company after seeing an advertisement on Channel 10 Morning News and on their website. As a consumer, I read articles regarding companies that offer services that don’t deliver what they promise or sometimes don’t deliver at all.

It was such a pleasure to have the inspector, Bill, arrive exactly on time, the proposal sent promptly and my appointment set up quickly after receiving my deposit. Bill was extremely professional, explained what he found on my roof, explained what had to be done and when I called after I received the quote and had a few questions regarding it.

Thank you for great services and be sure that if anyone asks me to refer a roofing company, it will be your name I’ll be telling them.

Best regards,
Cynthia L. Seldin
Hollywood, FL

The purpose of this letter is to inform you that the temporary roofing installed on short notice by your company has stayed waterproof, saving what little remains of my poor house from all the rain we have had the last few days. Thank you! Also, per our telephone conversation, I understand our $150 estimating fee is to be deducted from our final roof contract, as was stated to us by the gentleman who did the estimate.

Hopefully, you will be able to get a crew in here very soon and install our permanent roof, so that we can start rebuilding our home.

Very truly yours.
A. Suquet
Miami, Florida

Thank you so much for the expeditious manner in which you company was able to temporarily patch my roof as well as give us an estimate for complete repairs. In the aftermath of Hurricane Andrew, this was a good feeling to get such a positive response.

The $150 charge for the estimate only seems fair in such a situation since it can be applied to the future work to be done on our room.

Thanks again,
Gail & Don Tescher
Miami, Florida

I would like to Thank You for spending your time speaking to me on the phone about my roof. I appreciate the explanations.

I found your workers very knowledgeable and informed about their jobs. Everyone seemed to work well together. That makes your roofing company special.

Thank you again, the roof looks great!

Jeanne Nunamaker
Kent Nunamaker
Miami, Florida

I would like to take this opportunity to give my highest commendation to one of your employees at Pioneer Roofing, Inc. That individual is Mike Vaccaro. He is doing just a great job on our roof. He really tried his hardest (and then some) to get the job done on time, correctly as well as delivering a quality roof that will last for a long, long time. He is very caring, efficient, knowledgeable and very responsive to the slightest problem that anyone might possible have. Mike doesn’t do just the job; he goes far and beyond what would be considered adequate in the circumstances. His efforts are outstanding if not spectacular! I have dealt with many contractors over the years, and Mike is one of the best I have seen in recent years. He is definitely a wonderful asset to your company. It is nice to know somebody who really cares about the work that they do.

Again, I would like to congratulate you for presiding over personnel who possess superior customer oriented abilities and thank you as well for all of the help and consideration you have given us over the years.

Irving Lawrence
West Bird
Miami, Florida

Thanks for doing such a professional job. Feel free to use us as references.

Jonathan Goodman

I would like to thank you for repairing our roof in southern Dade County so quickly when I know that you are busier than you’v ever been in your life. Although ours was only a $4,000 job, you treated it as if it were $400,000 job! It’s nice to know that there are still some people who know how to conduct business properly and in an efficient, courteous and professional manner.

Of course, a major reason that you are able to respond so well is that you have Mary Ann as your executive assistant. Her efficiency, responsiveness and courtesy are outstanding, if not spectacular! She is never too busy to offer assistance, regardless of how busy her schedule happens to be that day.

Again, I wold like to thank both you and Mary Ann for all of your help during this very trying and difficult time.

Miami, Florida

P.S. I would like to add that the quality of the work was absolutely SPECTACULAR. I know that the color was very difficult to match in that Gory Tile has recently merged. The roof looks “brand new” again. I’ll sent you a picture of the completed job soon.

My wife, Jean, and I greatly appreciate you sending your men to repair the leaks in our roof. We understand how difficult scheduling is at this time.

Your personnel were courteous and proficient.

Kindest regards,
Joe Tanenbaum
Pinecrest, FL

I am writing to thank you and your outstanding company and people for the roof that you replaced on our home. It is the finest quality and workmanship and we are extremely happy that we did NOT go with the other “bargain” roofers that gave us estimates. The roof over your home is no place to be looking for “bargains” in this hurricane area and I have already told numerous neighbors when I recommend yo to them.

We especially want to thank:

Jim Youngblood, who is a professional in every sense of the word and made all the other roofers and estimators look like fly-by-nighters. We remember his father fondly, also,

To Aud, who made so many calls and so many schedules, thanks for always calling to let us know what would or would not take place. He had it especially rough when so many workers did not show up before, during, and after the Christmas and New Year holidays.

To Bob, the supervisor, who acted and treated the roof as though it was HIS home that it was going on! What a fine man to talk to and to reply on. He knows what he is doing and he knows what he is talking about. I heard him giving orders to the men on the roof one day and it made us double glad that we chose Pioneer.

To your men who installed the gutters and downspouts, thank you for giving us a system that works! They did a magnificent job of tying it in with the roof and they were meticulous. We are happy that we did not try to save money on that phase of the job, also.

Mr and Mrs Mark M. Weiss
Miami Beach, Florida

Thank you very much for your letter of July 6th and for not charging us for the June 15, June 22, and June 23 inspections of the roofing system you installed in 1997. This was very decent of you.

It is a pleasure to work with and do business with a company like Pioneer that backs up its roofing systems and honors its guarantees.

Fortunately, the stains on the kitchen ceiling had nothing to do with the roofing system you installed in 1997.

Many thanks to uAd for returning my call and for scheduling the inspections. He is very efficient and customer-service oriented.

We are grateful to Bob Dew for his personal and professional service and expertise in getting to the bottom of the reason for the stains. He was very helpful and went out of his way, too.

Harry Kennedy was also a very big help and it was his “eyeball” inspection that made the final determination that the stains had nothing to do with the roof you had installed last year, nor were they caused by any of the ducts in the attic. He was very thorough.

Thank you again for being an honorable company, for having outstanding personnel, and for not charging us for the recent inspections.

Attached please find a copy of our “thank you” letter dated September 17, 1997. You have earned and deserve all of the compliments in it.

Gratefully yours,
Mark Weiss
South Florida

We are so pleased with our new roof. And, want to express our sincerest appreciation to you and your very capable and courteous staff.

Warmest regards,
Harold & Doug
South Florida

Happy Thanksgiving!

Just a note to thank you for following up on the repairs to my facia and keeping your word. So far it looks great! Your kindness is greatly appreciated.

Jonathan Parker

This letter is to express my sincere appreciation and thanks for the prompt and efficient way in which you took care of the problem at my home recently. It is not very often that one sees that kind of professionalism demonstrated these days.

It is a pleasure doing business with you and I wish you continued success.

Pete Santi, Jr.
Pembroke Pines, FL

As you know, Pioneer Roofing Co., Inc recently completed re-roofing our house in Miami. I am taking this moment to voice my opinion of this experience.

Considering the problems I now realize are inherent with having this form of construction executed to the roof an an existing and occupied home. I am happy to say to you or to anyone who asks, this experience for my wife and I, was “a piece of cake.” Efficiency and courtesy were what we experienced.

Cooperation and integrity was what we were shown in all aspects of doing business with the people who represent Pioneer.

We had a few other qualified companies to pick from. However, it was my meetings and telephone communications with Jim Youngblood, that gave me the confidence to contract with your company. He was genuinely interested to answer all of my questions throughout the entire re-roofing process.

Mike Vaquero was not only proficient at this job, but was a pleasure to speak with on a personal basis. He too, like Jim, made this something I looked forward to each day, and not dreading what I have heard can possibly be experienced when your home is being re-roofed.

Considering the type of tear down necessary to prepare the roof and the amount of debris necessary to dispose of, we were pleased with the cleanliness of the total project. Whatever problems that were found, Mike took the time to take care of them.

The roof looks great and now we can repaint the few stains in our ceiling, knowing that the rains can come -- but they won’t come in.

Best regards,
Mel and Tina Yusern
Miami, South Florida

Enclosed is a check for payment of the work done on our roof. Thank you for the work you did. Your workmen were very nice. They were neat and cleaned up, with nothing for us to do.

Thank you once again. If every we need repairs again, we certainly will call.

Nancy Cosgrove
South Florida

My client, Robert Kahn, and I are especially please with the recent roofing system, comprising about 80,000 square feet, installed at North Miami Beach. Even more important, as an owner and manager of real-estate, our tenants are happy and confident in conducting their business under a Pioneer Roof.

Since the inception of our dealings together, extending 25 plus years with my family, you have shown the utmost professionalism and service. You have always stood by your work and have gone the extra mile on occasions too numerous to count to insure the integrity of your roof systems.

I again would like to thank you for your services and please feel free to use me as a reference should you ever have the need to do so. Be assured that whenever I need roofing work personally or for my clients in the future, Pioneer Roofing will be my choice. Meanwhile, I remain,

Sincerely yours,
Carter W. Hopkins, Jr.
Vice President

Trammell Crow Company

It gives me great pleasure to be able to write this letter thanking you and your crews for completing a very difficult task at the two Neiman’s stores listed above.

Both facilities have been very complementary towards you professionalism throughout these re-do’s and feel very confident that your expertise and skills will be more than able to maintain these roofs through the warranty period to the end of their usual lives.

I will not hesitate to call on you to do any of our future work in and around that Southeast region.

Thanks again for a job well done!

Andy Greene
Senior Project Manager
Reproofing Neiman Marcus
Ball Harbour - Ft. Lauderdale

I want to begin by thanking you for your prompt attention towards what is now in lieu of Hurricane Andrew, an industry wide problem. As you know, trying to get roofing estimates or even a return phone call is at a premium. I have been in contact with at least five licensed roofing contractors in the last few days and they are at a minimum 3 to 4 months behind on estimates.

The majority of my clients and their insurance companies are requesting multiple estimates. I realize I will be paying $150.00 per estimate which will be credited towards the contract amount, but that seems very little to pay for your valuable time and service in this desperate time of need.

I want to thank you again for your attention to this problem, which in the long run will enable my clients to save what is remaining of their homes and possessions from any further damage from the elements.

Very truly yours,
Seldin Construction Co., Inc.
Joel M. Seldin, President
General Contractors
Bay Harbor Islands, FL

This letter is to thank you for the great job that your company performed on our roof. The “Vent System” was a very good idea. This should prolong the life of our roof. The repair and installation of the “flashing” around the entire wall (inside) of our roof area looks like a First Class Job.

Over the years, Pioneer Roofing Company has served our building very well. Your people have kept our roof in a First Class State.

Pioneer Roofing Company has always showed up on time and performed work in a prompt and timely manor.

I would recommend your company to any building that is in need of Top Quality Roofing Work.

Aaron Glasser
Gables Waterway Towers
Coral Gables, FL

Dear Sirs:

The Board of Directors of Victory Villas would like to thank you for your quick response and excellent service on our roofing problem. Further, we sincerely appreciate your donation of $339.75.

It is the concern of community leaders, like Pioneer Roofing, that enable Victory Villas to fulfill its mission in making mentally handicapped individuals productive and contributing members of our community.

Thank you,
Dennis Des Jardin
Executive Director
Ron Schwartz, President
Victory Villas Programs
Dania, FL 33004

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