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Common Roofing Problems – With Expert Advice from a Top Florida Roofing and Waterproofing Company

Roof leak

Roofing materials have a shelf life. Depending on your roofing materials and weather conditions, the life expectancy of your roofing system can vary greatly. In south Florida, weather can be fierce. Our climate is humid and the sun beats down unbearably. We encounter regular thunderstorms and live with hurricanes, hail storms, and huge wind gusts.

Damages caused by severe weather conditions must be repaired quickly to avoid further damage to the structure and fixtures within your home. Roof Repair near Miami, Florida can be difficult to come by after large storms. Pioneer Roofing has a large team of experts to help ensure that your roofing system will be leak free and watertight and the interior will be dry immediately after a severe storm.

Water is a natural enemy to your home. Having your roofing system inspected regularly by a reputable company is an important step in the battle to keep your roofing system and interior ceilings and walls of your home watertight. Inspections will include a visual investigation of the interior ceilings and walls along with a comprehensive exterior evaluation. The sooner you resolve the leakage problems it lessens the chance for mold to develop into the interior of your home.  Delaying roofing maintenance can lead to further deterioration of the roof’s structure.

Wind is also a major cause of damage to a home’s roofing system.  When shingles or tile get caught in wind gusts and begin to pull off at an alarming rate, you will incur damages that may only be resolved with total reroofing.  If a roofing system has not been properly installed and maintained, it will have little or no resistance to the wind. Finding a small problem before it expands into a large problem is an imperative part of the home ownership process.

Pioneer Roofing employs residential roofing professionals that are familiar with the damages caused by that occur in the area.  Florida roofing and waterproofing is different from any other part of the country. Contact us today to learn more about our services and to schedule a roofing inspection that will keep your home protected before hurricane season.

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